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Top 5 Gifts for Men That I Won’t Be Buying!

This is a follow on from the Top 5 Gifts for Kids I also won’t be buying this festive season.

Some of the stuff marketed towards kids is pretty strange. We’ve seen the poop themed games and plush disease microbes… But have you ever searched specifically for a gift for a man? Gender stereotypes aside, some of the stuff marketed as a suitable gift for the man or men in your life is just plain bizarre. Don’t get me wrong, much of it is hysterically funny, too. But these are not things I’d want to hand to a loved one!


Know anyone like this? Ha Ha Ha Ho Ho Ho!

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The Top 5 Things I WON’T Be Buying This Christmas!

On November 22nd, I drove past my friend Katie’s house, only to discover her Christmas decorations were out in full force. Flashing light things, inflatable Santa- the works. Alarmed, I contacted her to advise her of this startling November development. She assured me she was not only aware but that Christmas decorations had intentionally arrived prematurely. Her outstanding organisation skills have prompted me to get my shiz together shop on.


Katie’s Christmas Castle

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Oh Pinterest, what are you for?

I have Pinterest. I go through fits and starts with it. So I will madly pin things for an hour, then ignore it for a week. But I will be honest, I don’t really know what it is for except to make me fully realise how uncrafty I am.

I pin pretty things, like jewellery.

I pin recipes that I’ve rarely used, except once and it was a success:

I pin healthy recipes but haven’t tried one from Pinterest yet. I assume the pinning expends some energy and is therefore exercise.

I pin breastfeeding, babywearing and general baby-related stuff that might be useful to someone.

I just started a Dr Who board with exactly 1 pin. It’s awesome.

I pin toddler crafty things for playgroup and for home. I have made a couple of things, like colourful foam which was a total pin-win:

At playgroup we made those bottles full of sparkles and crap that are all lovely and supposed to be calming and a good distraction for an over stimulated kid and they would be…if you could get a kid in that state to sit still long enough to look at it. The mums liked it though!

Ours were just like these ones found here but I wasn’t sacrificing good mason jars- we used coke bottles because we are classy as hell.

Generally, I think Pinterest is often a showcase of amazing creativity that is not possessed by the majority of society. They throw in a few actually easy ideas here and there- that’s what gets you in.

You have a success or two and your confidence builds. You’re ALL OVER this Pinterest stuff.

So we continue and what do we find, as we wade through boards and pins and search results?

Projects meant for kids need that actually need an adult with an engineering degree to complete them. “Simple” recipes that go easily haywire. Is it a conspiracy? Do the gods of Pinterest sit back and laugh at the efforts of us mere mortals? Yes. Yes they do. Take our random turkey-craft done for no real reason:

But I’m not letting that set me back. I mean, if I had made this, I’d probably quit Pinterest forever:

I found this here on PinterestFail.com

The maker of the above was attempting what is essentially bacon cooked in pancake batter and she couldn’t figure out how she ended up with a plate full of lungs.

I’m wondering how she missed the giant va-jay-jay on that plate. Suddenly, I’m not hungry!

How about you? Got any great Pinterest successes or fails?

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