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Oh man, I hate writing “about me”…but I’m doing it anyway, almost 2 years into this blog. I realised it’s way overdue and impolite of me not to have introduced myself before bombarding you with my thoughts.

I’m Amy. I’m 30 something. I’m fairly tall. I’m a parent, a feminist, a shift worker and I’m absolutely chockers with opinions and thoughts. I started this page to get those thoughts out there after this one time my thoughts landed me on the telly and in a bunch of papers for the proverbial “five minutes”. I thought it was interesting to be heard by someone other than my immediate family and to hear other people’s thoughts, too. Blogging is cool like that. You should try it!

Anyway, this page is exactly what it says on the homepage- One woman’s thoughts, thrown wildly at the internet with reckless abandon and questionable aim. There’s not always a rhyme or reason to what I post. I don’t want to pigeon-hole myself as a mummy blogger, though I do want to talk about parenting stuff, because I am a parent- but I don’t want to talk about parenting exclusively. I try to also focus on women’s issues, feminism, a wee bit of politics, the odd product review…and whatever else springs to mind. Sometimes my writing ends up (or even starts out) at Parenting Central Australia, which is pretty cool!

So this is my corner of the internet. Welcome to it. Feel free to drop me a line below, leave a comment on a post, hit me up on facebook  or admire this lovely picture of my cat, because let’s face it- that’s what the internet was intended for anyway.


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