Last week I read this informative blog post detailing a rapidly spreading  virus that has been around, in one form or another, for some time now. It was initially fairly benign, first coming into being some 30 or 40 years ago as a machine to make baby food. However, the last few years have seen it evolve and perhaps mutate into the World’s Most Advanced Kitchen Machine and what has followed can only be described as some kind of mass outbreak.  I know, because it turns out that  I, too, have been infected with the Thermofever virus.


I was a willing, if unwitting, participant in my own infection. I admit- I opted to hold a Thermomix party of my own. I had been hearing about the Thermomix for some time so when a friend decided to become a consultant, I jumped at the chance to have a party. A meal I didn’t have to cook, right? An opportunity to really see what all the fuss was about. Little did I know that the infection had already begun…


I invited some friends around. Our host made us hommus, pizza bianco, potato and leek soup, chicken veloute and steamed vegetables, apple and pear sorbet and a custard with a hint of lemon. With each delicious mouthful, the virus grew stronger. Before I knew it, I had signed the papers and ordered my own thermie.


When she arrived, I named her Thermione Grainger- my very own kitchen magic machine! I’ve already written about what I use her for here. I wasn’t even aware she was a virus until I read about the symptoms. I don’t even have all of them. I mean, I did spend a tidy sum of money to have a Thermomix. I do talk about it- a lot. I’ve been to more than one demonstration. I do recklessly and compulsively swap recipes with strangers in what could be termed a promiscuous fashion. Oh hang on… that’s all of them!


However, I must say, I think the author of the article detailing this epidemic is …well… perhaps being slightly alarmist. I mean, I’m just a regular person who likes to cook and enjoy good food. I don’t think this so called virus is that insidious- I mean, aside from a few minor, hardly noticeable, symptoms, it’s not like I’m actively trying to infect you too. I’m just a person living with an untreatable condition that results in tasty, tasty food; impressive dishes I’d never normally be able to cook from scratch, things like salted caramel sauce, homemade jam, hollandaise sauce, homemade fruit loaf, fresh raspberry cordial….

But… You know…If you do want to buy one, I’d be thrilled to talk to you about it! I know a few consultants- I could give you a phone number? Or if you wanted to host a demo, I would be happy to come along- just to make up numbers, you know? Also, there are some awesome Thermomix recipe websites- I could send you some great links! I can show you the best recipes on the Recipe Community! There are also a few private (you know…kinda exclusive)Thermomix groups on facebook- but I could TOTALLY invite you, if you got one….




Disclaimer: I’m not associated with Thermomix in any way other than as a happy customer. This post isn’t sponsored by anyone at all and has been written primarily for my own amusement!

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