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So, this is my new website. You may be wondering why I am apparently a member of the Handbag Mafia. I am too. I’m not actually entirely sure what it is, and I’m now having a slight mental freak out in case it’s something really offensive. Basically, it is a term I came across when (amusingly) googling myself. I found a fabulous story about myself and my “Lactivists’ Handbag Mafia” on a misogynistic website purporting to publish “What Men Are Saying About Women”. The article I featured in -photo and all- was pretty inaccurate and contained some appalling grammar and although I’m sure it was supposed to offend, I actually found it hysterically funny. You can read it here. The term “Handbag Mafia” kind of grew on me, despite my not having any links to organised crime of any sort. I do, however, own several handbags.

So anyway, welcome to my blog! I plan on posting ALL my views on here. Or at least, maybe, say, 5 of them? I’m not sure. But my first one will be about breastfeeding in public. And then I promise to shut the hell up about it and talk about something else. For a bit.

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